Sponsors are the life blood of TAFY.  We would like to acknowledge the generous gifts of those that support our work in helping the homeless.  Any donation (sponsorship) is welcome and needed.  We are very careful to always be good stewards of your generosity.

We have organized our sponsorships into five groups: Platinum, Titanium, Gold, Silver & Bronze.

  • Platinum Level: $1,000+ or $100/mo+
  • Titanium Level: $500+ or $50/mo+
  • Gold Level: $250+ or $25/mo+
  • Silver Level: $100+ or $10/mo+
  • Bronze Level: any donation

Platinum Sponsors

Thank you, Platinum Sponsors!

  • Beatrice Temple


Titanium Sponsors

Thank you, Titanium Sponsors!

  • Steve Bennett

Gold Sponsors

Thank you, Gold Sponsors!

  • Carol Philpott

Silver Sponsors

Thank you, Silver Sponsors!

  • Douglas Nevill, Sr

Bronze Sponsors

Thank you, Bronze Sponsors!

  • Karen Beck
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